Self-Evident is a newsletter and podcast where Justin Stapley discusses both timely political topics as well as the timeless values and first principles of limited government and free society.

About Justin

Justin Stapley is a political theorist and constitutionalist, with principles and beliefs grounded in the idea of ordered liberty as expressed in the traditions of classical liberalism, federalism, and modern conservatism. Justin is particularly interested in natural law, natural rights, social contract theory, and historical observations of human nature and human society that inform the discovery of the first principles of government, upon which sound political constitutions are crafted. Justin is currently engaged in this field of study as a student at Utah Valley University, and also works part-time at UVU’s Center for Constitutional Studies as an Eric Zachary Wood Research Assistant, assigned to the Quill Project researching the 1970 Illinois Constitution Convention, and as a blog writer for the Center’s Federalism Index Project.

Justin began writing politically in 2016, cutting his teeth with various blogs, including Never Tyranny (2016), The Millennial Federalist (2017-2018), and The Liberty Hawk (2019-2021). He also volunteered and wrote extensively as an advocacy writer for the now-defunct Federalist Coalition and briefly as a columnist for the short-lived media company Porter Medium. He now has a slow-building resume as a freelance opinion columnist, with articles featured in the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Policy, the Daily Herald, and the Standard-Examiner.


Justin Stapley
Full-time student at Utah Valley University, with an emphasis in Political Theory, Public Law, and Constitutional Studies.